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What's the difference between soy wax and paraffin wax candles?

By Annette McCurdy August 27, 2022 0 comments

I'm sure by now most have seen or heard that soy wax is better than paraffin. But why exactly is soy favorable among the two. I'm here to let you in on a couple of facts, then you can decide for yourself which you would prefer to use.

First things first, here at Jade's Tropical Creations I choose to use a 100% natural coconut-soy blend wax for my hand poured and hand crafted candles and wax melts. Here's some of my recent work.

I have always absolutely loved candles and wax melts, however I noticed that big brand and store bought candles when burned would give me the worst migraines. I have suffered from severe migraines since I was a child and try to stay away from anything that triggers one, if you have ever had a migraine you know they can be the worst.

So after tons of researching, testing, and working with different types of wax I came to the conclusion that I wanted to work with soy wax because of the many benefits that soy offers.

 Benefits of Soy Wax:
  • Easier to clean up.
  • Soy is a natural, non-toxic, and renewable product.
  • Soy is cleaner burning.
  • Soy candles can typically last longer than paraffin ones.
  • Soy does not contain carcinogens. Paraffin wax is derived from petroleum. 
  • Paraffin wax tends to emit more black soot than soy wax & may also not burn completely.
  • Soy wax burns completely making it more cost effective and Eco-friendly.
  • Paraffin does have a stronger scent throw than soy wax.

Soy waxes are made from soybean oil and may contain other non-soy materials. Soybean oil is separated from the beans by use of a mechanical press or by using a solvent to extract the oil (Lonestar Candle Supply, 2018). 

Paraffin waxes are actually a petroleum base and created using crude oil (also known as fossil fuel) which is extracted from the earth. Once extracted, crude oil is sent to refineries where it is then turned into finished products like lubricating oil. It is from the lube oil refining process that paraffin waxes are created (Lonestar Candle Supply, 2018).

Since soy is more dense, it requires a bit more heat to melt and release the fragrance. As the wax melts, the flame’s melt the liquid wax which diffuses the fragrance oil into the air. Paraffin burns and melts easier, it will generally release the fragrance easier allowing the scent throw to be more stronger (Lonestar Candle Supply, 2018).

Choosing soy or paraffin candles is totally up to you. Just know that Jade's Tropical Creations Candles are safe to use, responsibly made, and perfect for whoever receives them.

References: Lonestar Candle Supply

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